Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sips n Strokes

I have always been fascinated with paintings. While I am a graphic artist, I've never really been able to paint or draw. I often have difficulty with perspective, and I am my own worst critique.

I have a wonderful friend, Sandy whose paintings are so beautiful. I admire her talent and I've always wished that I could paint. Check out her website:

A couple of weeks ago I saw a human interest story on the news about a new business called Sips n Strokes. A franchise had just opened about twenty minutes from my home. My daughter in law and I went the other night.

They do a different painting each night and the featured painting is featured on their calendar. We chose the night where the daisy featured picture.

At first it was a little difficult to determine just how much paint to put on the brush. At first I was afraid that it was going to be terrible, but with each layer I continued on. As the finished picture came in to view, I was pleased with my efforts.

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