Saturday, March 31, 2012

What If I Won the Lottery?

Like millions of other Americans this past week, I bought a lottery ticket. The jackpot beckoned at 640 million dollars and the things I would do with that kind of money. Well, it was fun to think about the what ifs? What I would buy? Where I would go? Who I would give money to?

Even in discussing the what ifs, I was really surprised by people. One woman said if she won, she wasn't giving money to anyone. I couldn't help but think it a little selfish especially since it was unlikely to really become a concern.

The statistics I heard were surprising. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than winning the 640 million jackpot. Ninety percent of lottery winners are broke within five years. One city boasted that they were selling over a million lottery tickets an hour. There was a ninety percent chance that someone would win last night. To buy every combination of numbers would cost you a little under 176 million.

Many lottery winners claim that the lottery ruined their life. There is even a tv show about it.

I fell asleep before the numbers were revealed last night. I woke up around midnight and thought about checking, but decided to go back to sleep with the possibility of what if until morning. Pleasant dreams of traveling to exotic locations and buying extravagant homes and cars filled my night.

This morning, I checked my numbers. I didn't have the right combination, but it was still fun to see that I had three of the winning numbers - none of them on the same line of my $5 worth of tickets.

There were three winners last night who will share the jackpot and unfortunately I was not one of them. So I guess I will return to my job on Monday morning thankful that I have one to go to.

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