Friday, May 18, 2012

Write Now: Review of The Iguana Tree

The Iguana Tree is the story of a young couple desperate to live the American dream. Hector comes to the United States first and it is a terrifying ordeal, but he finds himself safe and working on a tree farm in the lower part of South Carolina, while his wife and daughter remain in Mexico.

His wife, Lilia grows anxious and makes her own arrangements to follow her husband.This is the first conflict between husband and wife and the struggle of the sexes of a woman's need for love verses a man's need for respect.

This is all I can feel that I can safely summarize without ruining the story for you. As a woman writer, I am always intrigued by women authors who can write from a man's perspective that feels genuine. When I try to write from a man's point of view, it seems more like a woman trying to talk like a man.

Ms. Stone shows the difficulty of the language barrier as Hector attempts to find his place with his new employer, who was not thrilled to understand that Hector does not speak English. Hector finds a Spanish English dictionary and immediately studies the language. He is on a quest to make a better life for his family.

There is a large Latino community here in the South. I never really thought about what those illegally here must face. The Iguana Tree made me think about these people that I see on the streets everyday. I've heard so many complain about how they should learn English, and they should, but there should also be compassion and brotherly love. Most Americans live here because their ancestors came to America looking for a better life.

My only criticism is that the novel ended too soon. I hope that there will possibly be a sequel so that we come to know the rest of the story of Hector and Lilia.

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