Monday, August 6, 2012

WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM She Reads August Book Selection

Wallflower in Bloom is the featured August selection at She Reads. If you are looking for a good book, these ladies have some awesome suggestions for your next read.

I fell in love with Claire Cook's novels back when I first read Must Love Dogs. Hollywood changed a few things, but lets face it, how could you see the characters as anyone except Diane Lane and John Cusack after that.

So each year I wait for her new novel with good intentions of saving it for my beach trip. After all, what better place to read Claire Cook? And each year by the time vacation rolls around, I have already scarfed it down like a chocolate sundae I've been craving.

In Cook's latest, Wallflower in Bloom, Deidre Griffin has a wonderful life, she is the personal assistant to her famous guru brother, Tag. Deidre always puts everyone else first. The first man to see her naked in months surprises her in her ratty underwear. She is forever in everyone else's shadow, which is the position she has allowed herself to be in until she stands up to her brother only to run away.

After a night of interesting cocktails (you'll have to read the book and see the various ingredients she uses), she highjacks her brother's social media account urging all of his followers to nominate his little sister to Dancing with the Stars. After a few days of hiding out from her family, Deidre discovers that she has a chance of being the last minutes possible replacement on Dancing with the Stars. Deidre danced some as a child, and she wonders how hard could it be?

It's a lot harder than she thinks as she finds herself thrust in the limelight, where she finally has to put herself first. It is time to dance or stumble.

If you're looking for a book that will make you laugh at loud, this is definitely the book you should read. But be warned, every page is not a comic fest, there are some truly soulful moments as Deidre begins to find herself and emerge from the shadows of her famous brother and exuberant family.

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