Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Grandma Downs Lemon Cake

Grandma Downs' Lemon Supreme Deluxe Cake
Last week Sunday dinner was cancelled due to illness — mine. My grandson had a cold, which he shared with me. I believe it was the worst cold of my life, it kept me down completely for three days and I'm just now getting back to normal.

I've been wanting something with lemon, but I didn't want to make a pie. My future mother-in-law, Shirley sent me a cookbook with Vincent family recipes over Christmas. What a treasure that book is for  family recipes preserve our past and heritage. There was a recipe for a lemon cake that Chuck absolutely loves and I had to try it.

Yesterday as the cake was baking, Chuck kept saying "That smells good." It smelled so good and I needed a picture for my blog so we just had to have a piece last night. I added some fresh blueberries and all I can say is that it was truly delicious.

Did you catch the future mother-in-law? Yes, there is now a ring on my finger and Chuck and I will marry sometime this year. We're not sure when since we plan to elope.

As for the rest of Sunday dinner, I'm serving pot roast with carrots and potatoes, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and brown-n-serve rolls.

When I serve those rolls I can't help but think of Damascus, the little girl in Kimberly Brock's novel, The River Witch. Damascus is putting on a feast for her family and it won't be complete without lots of those little rolls. She is adamant about it. Reluctantly Roslyn hurries off to purchase them. So if you're looking for a wonderful novel that will make you laugh and cry, then The River Witch is what you're looking for.

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