Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Easter Sunday

I love this picture. We were trying to get all of Grandmother's greatgrandkids together for one shot. They were all under five and trying to get them all to stay in one spot long enough to snap a nice picture proved to be impossible. One was always running away, crying, or trying to get into everything. My brother, Randall is trying to entertain them. Notice he has his arms around my daughter, Amanda. She was ready to find Easter eggs.

Can you see the Easter egg blue house in the background. The picture doesn't do it justice. In real life it was even brighter than it is there. And you can see the power meter up against the house, where invariably a blue egg would sit while the kids would walk right past it.

Easter is a time for family. A time to remember what Jesus did for each and everyone of us. My grandmother made sure that we went to church. I wish I could thank her for the faith that she helped instill in me.

With several other women on Monday nights, I help with a Bible study for women living in the local mission. They are there because they are at a point in their life, where the mission is their only hope. Some are there for financial reasons, others for drug or alcohol abuse, and many other reasons. Invariably when asked, most answer that their grandmothers were the most influential person particularly in matters of faith.

Grandmother Rodgers

For me Easter not only celebrates what Jesus did for us, but it also celebrates the woman who made sure that I knew about it.

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