Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Remembering Mama's Homemade Easter Dresses

The Thompson Kids in 1973
When I was a child, the weeks before Easter, Mama would be working fervently at her sewing machine making our new Easter dresses. Sometimes my sister and I matched exactly and other times our outfits complimented one another. I loved that blue and white checked dress, but it sure did itch.

On Easter Sunday after lunch, we would all go outside looking for the Easter eggs. There was always a blue egg hidden on top of the power box. Grandmother's house was painted Easter egg blue. When asked why she chose such a bright color, she said that it didn't look that bright on the swatch and she was too embarrassed to ask the painter to change it.

Today I'm taking it easy. We're having a taco bar, where everyone can assemble their own tacos or taco salads. For dessert, my little brother Dennis' favorite, banana pudding.

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