Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Amanda's Birthday and Snow in the South

Ashley and Amanda
This weekend we are celebrating my daughter's 24th birthday. On the day she was born, it snowed. While her birthday is still a few days away, we're celebrating today. This is one of my favorite pictures of a snow day back when she was about fourteen. Amanda and Ashley spent the day building an igloo, which we rarely get that much snow or the kind that you can build an igloo from.

Amanda's request for her birthday cake - strawberry cake and strawberry icing adorned with fresh strawberries. One of her favorite meals is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. I'm not sure how much of the regular crowd will be here. The roads have cleared off, but there is still danger of black ice, which many Southerners fear.

Yesterday the snow came in fast. It was the white, fluffy kind and even though it was predicted that there would be no accumulation, you had to wonder when everything was covered in 15 minutes and cars were slipping and sliding along the roads. We promptly cancelled our plans to see A Good Day to Die Hard and came home.

We spent the afternoon and evening catching up on shows from our DVR queue and watching movies. Since I promised Chuck an action movie, we watched Battleship - no Bruce Willis, but the Navy was saving our world against an alien invasion - lots of action, odd looking aliens, and many explosions.

The folks up North always laugh at how we shut everything down, but when you only get snow a couple of times a year, well we just don't have the equipment to maintain the roads and things down here. For most of the school age children, sadly they will be not be missing school tomorrow.

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