Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Chocolate Chip Pie from Pinterest

My mother received this cookbook as a young bride back in 1965. She marked several favorite recipes. She also added her own on the blank pages. When she ran out of room, she began tucking handwritten recipes within the pages of the book. She even has one written on the back side of a calendar page for you might be a redneck if...

One thing I noticed going through the book is that she didn't always feel the need to title a recipe so you have to look at the ingredients to know what it is for.

On Friday night I went to book club. My friend Olivia was hosting. Everyone was raving about the food and she professed her pinterest addiction and how many of the recipes for the appetizer, dinner, and dessert came from there.

We had read Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. Our meals usually try to have a theme from the book and since the story is about a four year old boy's trip to heaven, the food was things children would love: spaghetti and dessert. Children are always about the dessert. Olivia made chocolate chip pie and butterfingers pie.

As soon as I tasted the chocolate chip pie, I knew it would be great for Sunday dinner. My niece and nephew are sure to love it. So I popped over to pinterest and located the recipe for chocolate chip pie. The one thing I did realize when making the pie was that mine required more cooking time. I increased the time by 15 minutes.

And of course after finding the pie, I began looking for other possibilities for Sunday dinner offerings. I will be trying some new recipes in the coming weeks.

My Mom passed away in 2005. Searching for something new for Sunday dinner that everyone would like was always a passion of hers. I know she would have really loved pinterest. So for all of you out there searching for something new to prepare for your family, join us on pinterest.

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