Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Dinner

For most of my life, we would meet at my grandmother's house on Sunday for dinner. My Mom did most of the cooking. I learned to cook in my grandmother's kitchen. My daughter also learned to cook in grandmother's kitchen. 

When my mother died, Sunday dinner was good for us. It gave me an opportunity to spend time with my brothers even though I did have to do the cooking. Grandmother would come too. Cooking Sunday dinner made me feel closer to my Mom and my  family.

When Grandmother died, I quit cooking every Sunday, but I still usually managed to have the family over for dinner at least once a month. But when Mike got sick, I quit making Sunday dinner. It was just too stressful with everything going on to try to do that as well.

Tomorrow we are having Sunday dinner at my house. There will only be five of us. My daughter is out of town and one of my brothers already had plans, but I'm making dinner. There will only be five of us. 

I had forgotten how much work went into making dinner. The macaroni and cheese has been prepped and will be popped in the oven tomorrow when I get home from church. Pinto beans are soaking in water. I'll change out the water and turn the crock pot on in the morning. Tomorrow I'll cook cubed steak, rice, gravy, and biscuits. And we are having brownies with vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

I want to revive the tradition. One day my children will give me grandchildren. I would like for my grandchildren to remember Sunday dinner at grandmother's house.

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