Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daisy Chain by Mary DeMuth Review

Daisy Chain is the story about the son of a preacher. He has a beautiful friendship with a girl who is constantly telling him that one day she will marry him. At fourteen, his thoughts are not on marriage. He lives in the shadow of his father. Everyone comments that he looks just like his father. Jed hopes that he will not grow up to be anything like his father.

Jed in fact is terrified of his father and one day instead of walking Daisy home, he rushes home to supper. Jed is the last one to see Daisy. She's missing. People are worried that their children will be next.

Jed's family is in crisis. He makes unlikely friends with Hixon the town prophet and Bald Muriel. And of course there is Jed's little sister, Sissy, who believes that Jed is her hero. And there is Jed's mother who is prone to leaving written messages of encouragement on the petals of flowers.

Strange things begin to happen around town. People are talking.
Can Jed save Sissy? Can Jed save himself? Will Jed find Daisy? Read Daisy Chain, which is the first part of the Defiance Texas Trilogy written by Mary E. DeMuth and published by Zondervan.

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