Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My One Word

I heard about this a couple of years ago - the one word challenge. Rather than making a million resolutions that you won't remember a week later, you choose one word and that is your focus throughout the year. This year there is a book and a website to help guide you on your one word challenge.

I've debated several words and now I finally have it. And it is a tough one - diligence. I am great at starting projects, but not so wonderful at finishing them. The other day as I was cleaning out my closet I found a cross-stitch sampler I started when my son and daughter-in-law were engaged. It was supposed to be for their wedding. They got married in 2009. Can you see how far behind I am ya'll? Maybe they will get in on their 25th wedding anniversary.

My dictionary defines diligent as constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything.

Accomplish something - finish something. I have several goals for this year and diligence will help me attain them. I have a great start, but this is often where I lose my enthusiasm. Through diligent efforts I plan to persevere and finish what I've started.

If you decide to take the one word challenge, I would love to hear what your one word is.

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