Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Dinner: Daniel's First Birthday

All boy - balls, trucks, and super heroes
This Sunday we celebrate my grandson, Daniel's first birthday. Being a grandmother is amazing in a way I never understood before. Grandchildren are wonderful - you have all the fun, but you don't have the day to day responsibility. With my children, I was always so worried about making mistakes. Was I doing everything right? No parent does everything right, but new parents are obsessed with perfection.


Not liking the party hat
Grandparents know to do the best you can and enjoy. And Daniel is definitely a source of joy in my life. I love how he smiles wrinkling up his little nose and showing his four teeth when he sees me. He likes to play. His favorite game with me is to run as fast as he can when I say I'm going to get you. He giggles so hard sometimes he loses his balance.

I had taken a break from Sunday dinner for a couple of years after my Grandmother died, but when I learned of Daniel's impending arrival, I knew I had to bring Sunday dinner back. Going to my own Grandmother's for dinner are some of my fondest childhood memories. And now that I've experienced what it is like to be a grandmother, I have a new appreciation for my own.

Today before the birthday party, we'll have meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, corn, and brown and serve rolls. All just like my Mom and Grandmother used to make. Sunday dinner was a tradition that my Grandmother began, but it was also important to my Mom. During Grandmother's later years, Mom did most of the cooking.

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