Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Painting and Writing

Sandy's desktop calendar for 2013
I have a dear sweet friend, Sandy, who paints beautiful pictures. We first met at a women's conference where she was selling cards, prints, and original paintings. I was drawn to her work and I kept coming back to her booth. I was disappointed because I had intentionally not brought any money with me and I really wanted to buy some of her cards. She gave me her business card and we met later that week. She has been such a blessing and a God answered prayer.

Sandy also does artwork for a local company that manufactures candles, sachet packs, and all kinds of wonderful sweet-smelling things. Their products are featured at Christian Supply and I love looking at their display. And I usually can pick out the products, which Sandy has done the artwork for.

B.A. Shapiro's The Art Forger,  is the January selection for She Reads. The main character, Claire is focused on technique. She studies the great paintings and she is an expert at copying their work, particularly her favorite, Degas. She learns so much about painting as she is copying the work of others. It inspires her and filters into her own work and the results are amazing.

All the writers that I know are voracious readers. And I wish I could remember which one to credit these words with - Reading good books inspires me to write. And I understand this completely. I find myself using the techniques of great writers. The words are my paintbrush and the page is my canvas.

If you want to see some beautiful artwork, pop over to my friend, Sandy's website. She also has beautiful desktop calendars that she has made for this year. January's features the painting that she did for me, Let the Sunshine In. I am so blessed to have it hanging in my home.

You can also pop over to She Reads where we will be discussing The Art Forger all month long. There are some fantastic giveaways this month too.

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