Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Pot Roast and Brothers

Nothing says Sunday dinner like a good pot roast. And they are so easy to make. I usually buy a 2 to 3 pound rump roast and a package of McCormick's Savory Pot Roast seasoning for the slow cooker.

I chop up some carrots and potatoes and add it all to my slow cooker. This makes for a nice Sunday dinner that is almost ready when I get home from church.

But of course this is Sunday dinner and you can't stop there. Today we will also be having corn (my niece Elizabeth's favorite), green beans, mashed potatoes (my son Ryan prefers them to the potatoes in the roast), brown and serve rolls, and a chocolate cake (we're still celebrating my Dad's birthday since I was out of town last Sunday). My sister in law will be bringing macaroni and cheese, but I know sometimes by brother makes it.
Dennis, Connie, Randall, and Murph

My Mom wanted to insure that my brothers could cook. She didn't really believe that there should be girls' chores and boys' chores. We learned how to do it all. My brothers can cook, clean, and do laundry quite well, but especially Dennis since he has a wife and kids at home.

Dennis can cook anything, while Randall's culinary skills a little more basic, but the man can cook breakfast. I came home a few weeks ago to find that he had made pancakes and left me some. Sweet, right? Mama would be so proud. She used to beg us to "Please just act like you love each other."

My brother Dennis owns a car wash and he is alway nice and washes my car for my any time I come by. And he's been telling me for weeks I needed to come by. So I have a nice clean car thanks to Dennis.

And then there is my little brother, Murph. With 18 years between us, we haven't been that close. My son is two years to the day younger than Murph so they grew up together. Murph now manages a restaurant in New Orleans. He is training to become a sommelier. And he probably cooks better than any of us, but then he is a professional.

And the house was full today. My beau, my Dad, my brothers, and their families came. My nephew brought his friend. My grandson, Daniel was there even though his Mom was working. My son and his wife,  who just got back from Cancun last night. And Ashley (my pseudo daughter) and her husband too. There wasn't even enough left to make a to go plate. So today we had a grand total of 14.

We also celebrated my Dad's birthday again - chocolate cake and of course his customary present, golf balls. I gave him something else once trying to be different, but he really missed the golf balls. Why mess with something that's working?

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