Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Stupid Potatoes

Stupid Potatoes (Stewed Potatoes)
One of my brothers actually came up with this name, but I'm not sure which one. Most Sundays, you could always count on mashed potatoes, but sometimes Mama or Grandmother would change the menu a little. Stupid potatoes are actually stewed potatoes.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother. (My brothers from 1976)

You can use either red or white, but I prefer the red. You put several potatoes in a pot and boil them until they are soft in the middle. Drain the water off. The skins will just peel off, but you might want to do this under running water because the potatoes are extremely hot.

If the red potatoes are rather large, I'll cut or quarter them too. Then you put them back in the pot. Add enough mild to cover the potatoes half-way. Add butter, salt, and pepper to taste. Some people also add a little flour for thickening. If you do this, I would do that and stir well before adding the potatoes.

At my house, it is a family favorite. And everyone laughs calling them stupid potatoes — the name just stuck.

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