Friday, September 14, 2012

Write Now: A Quiet Afternoon with a Friend

There are books that make you think. There are books that scare you. There are books that take you deep into mystery. There are books that are great resources to help you through difficult times. There are books that teach you. And the list goes on.

But my favorite kind of books are the books that come to you like a trusted friend. They entertain you. They make you laugh, and they may even make you cry. They suspend your reality for a brief moment, you're invested in the characters, and their humanity touches you. I think this is truly what Women's Fiction or ChickLit is.

I know that life is not all about happy endings and I know that sometimes novels don't have happy endings, but at least let me leave with some hope.

I once read Nicholas Sparks comment about how often a major character dies in his novels. He replied that he wrote tragedies. And I know that when I pick up one of his books, somebody is going to die. I accept that. His works are not necessarily great literary masterpieces, but they do tell a story and they do speak to your heart.

Some writers I've recently discovered that I love and consider part of Women's Fiction are:

Kimberly Brock The River Witch

Juliette Fay Deep Down True and The Shortest Way Home (out in October 2012)

Beth Webb Hart Sunrise on the Battery

Mia March The Meryl Streep Movie Club

Sarah Pekkanen Skipping a Beat and These Girls

With autumn days fast approaching, these are the perfect companions for a pumpkin spiced latte and quiet afternoon.

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