Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Fresh Corn

Fresh Corn
My Mom loved to make fresh corn. She would shuck the corn removing all the silks. With a knife, she would cut the kernels from the cob and then scrape the cob with the blade to get the juices left behind. She would then cook a piece or two of bacon in a seasoned cast iron skillet. She would remove the bacon, and add the corn to the skillet. She would add a little salt, pepper, butter, and about a half cup of milk for 5 to 6 ears of corn. The corn would simmer while she worked on the rest of Sunday lunch.

The first time I tried to make it for my family, it was frustrating. Mom always made the corn and she made it look so easy. I had to rely on all those years of watching her. The first time I tried to cut the corn from the cob, I was terrified that I would lose a finger or two. Mom had been cooking corn for over forty years, so of course she was extremely skilled at it. Hopefully one day I will be too.
Ready to Eat
* If you wanted creamier corn, you can use heavy cream or more milk.
* Some like to add a little sugar and flour as well.

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