Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Widow's Walk: The Song

There is a song that when I hear the first notes, I immediately change the radio station. It is Mercy Me's I Can Only Imagine. The strange thing is that there was a time in my life when this song warmed my heart and made me feel better about whatever was going wrong in my life.

But now all I can think of when I hear those first notes is the death of my husband. It was his favorite song. The only request he made for his funeral.

Mike always said he wasn't afraid of dying, he was secure in his faith. He was concerned about the possible physical pain. Our prayer was always for God to give him as many good days as possible, but when it was over, to please take him swiftly. Mike went into hospice care on Friday afternoon and passed away quietly in his sleep early Sunday morning.

As I was on my way to work one morning last week, the first few notes played. Instinctively I changed the station, but then I had this sense that I needed to change it back. I listened to the words. Now instead of thinking of my husband's death, I saw him bathed in light.

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