Friday, November 9, 2012

Write Now: Out of my Element

I am taking two journalism classes in school right now and after this semester, I am a mere 4 credit hours away from graduating with a BFA in Professional and Creative Writing. WooHoo is an understatement.

I love writing classes. They are my absolute favorite, but I am out of my element. One of my professors is Lyn Riddle, an award winning journalist, adjunct professor at Converse and Furman. She is also an editor but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say where. She has written numerous books and articles. I am in awe every time I walk into that class.

But I am struggling. I love to write fiction and that is difficult when you're telling the truth. You have to stick with the facts and keep digging for that story. And quite frankly after being raised in the South, it is hard to ask the questions that pry too much in the lives of others. I'm keenly observant, but I find it difficult to ask the tough questions.

But I am learning so much too. Professor Riddle said to take the knowledge we have from fiction writing and apply it to our stories. And when I began to do that, it became a little more comfortable for me.

And there is also the problem that out of the 9 students, I am the only one over twenty-one. And most if not all have been involved with school papers and other venues where they have gathered some experience.

But the beauty of being out of my comfort zone is that it expands my horizons. I think about things a little more differently. Now when I read a news story, I think about the questions I wished they had answered.

When you write, you have to take chances. It is scary, but the results are amazing.

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