Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Picky Eaters

What's for dinner? We're having banana pudding for dessert this weekend at the request of my son in law. You would think that would be easy, but with my family it isn't. It all began with my Mom many years ago. My little brother does not like bananas so Mom would make him a small bowl sans bananas.

Well it caught on and now several other family members have professed to not liking bananas. After all the grumbling last time because I only made two individual servings without bananas, I will be making two this time, one the time honored favored (by me) traditional and the other with just Nilla wafers and pudding.

My brother, Randall likes to tease that our family should have our own version of food fear factor, but with us you could put silly things like broccoli, carrots, spinach, and many normal foods. He tried to offer my niece twenty dollars to eat a green bean one time. She turned him down and she was ten.

When my cousin had her baby, she vowed that he would not be picky like my kids. Her son is now 20 and last I heard his idea of a vegetable is still french fries.

My grandson just finished carrots and applesauce. I'm hoping he is not the picky eater that the rest of the family is.

But here are a few oddities also favored by my picky eating family:

Peanut butter and cheese sandwich (the sliced, American cheese) - all I can say is yuck, yuck, yuck when I see her eat this

Oyster stew without the oysters

I have one child that will not eat spaghetti, but will eat spaghetti O's

My niece will only eat Velveeta shells and cheese, not any other kind of macaroni, even the good, homemade kind

A favorite of my brother and nephew: garlic bread with grape jelly - they love it at the beach for breakfast

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