Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Summer Sweetness

Sunday dinner at Grandmother's always included a freshly cut cantaloupe. Grandmother would take the first bite and either pronounce it as good and sweet or merely acceptable. Often she would forego dessert if when it was sweet.

Yesterday in preparing for today's dinner, I took my time selecting a cantaloupe. I picked each one up searching for the strong sweet scent until I felt I had the right one. I also got a watermelon and strawberries.

Elizabeth on her 1st Birthday
It is my niece's birthday and strawberries are one of her favorites. Like so many in our family, she's a picky eater so I will make sure that she has plenty of strawberries. She's twelve today.

For birthdays, my Mom would always make sure there was a cake and of course there was the customary picture with the cake. Growing up we didn't always have much money, but Mama always made sure we had a birthday cake. Sometimes she managed to buy one from the bakery, but I think the best ones were  the ones she made.

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