Friday, June 1, 2012

Write Now: Gold Stars and The Happiness Project

As I was looking through the shelves of Barnes and Noble this weekend searching for a gift for mother in law, I found a journal that was a five year journal with just a few lines for each for five years. I remembered reading about this a while back and it was part of another book called, The Happiness Project

With summer looming before me and the availability of some free time, I decided to download the free sample on my iPad. I was hooked. I have many areas of my life that I want to improve and this seems to be just the formula for me.

That night, I made my own spread sheet with the things I plan to do everyday for the next month and I included a few extra days since the month was about to change. My checklist includes keeping a food diary, walking, exercising, reading my Bible, praying, writing, connecting with family, and going to bed earlier.

I was so excited to make so many checks last night. I did give myself a pass on the exercise since I walked longer than I normally do. 7 out of 8 isn't too bad. I love checking things off. As a kid, I loved those stars we used to get in elementary school.

This morning it was so wonderful to wake up refreshed with an extra half hour of sleep. And thanks to my DVR, I will still be able to watch my favorite shows that come on later in the evening.

The Happiness Project is not a cure all for serious problems, but it is a way of looking at your life, assessing what is working and what isn't, and making practical adjustments. Right now I'm reading the section about clutter control. I am a packrat. I tend to keep a lot of things that I should just let go of. I will be getting rid of things that serve no purpose except to take up space.

I love my five year journal. Some days I struggle with what to write. What will I care to remember years from now? What will my children and grandchildren want to know? My four month old grandson has just begun to reach out to people. It is so sweet to see those little fingers reaching out for me to pick him up. My brother stopped by one night and we watched a silly comedy show, it is nice to be friends with my brother as adults. I know my mother never expected that to happen. I've just been recording little snippets of my day or my thoughts.

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