Friday, June 29, 2012

Write Now: Defending Jacob and Range of Motion

Andy Barber is a district attorney in Massachusetts. It is his job to prosecute people who have broken the law. He has a wife and son and appears to be living a charmed life. But Andy Barber harbors a dark secret. He's never told his wife. And this secret can unravel and destroy their lives.

The novel was a nice blend presenting the legal world as well as Andy's family life. I'm warning you, once you pick it up, it will be very difficult to put down.

In Elizabeth Berg's Range of Motion, we meet Lainey as she struggles her way through life. Her husband is in a coma due to a freakish accident. Her saving grace is Alice, her next door neighbor. They are best friends and as Alice's marriage falls apart, the women help each other through the difficult trials. Lainey believes her husband, Jay will wake up. But she's the only one. Her daughters are having a difficult time and Lainey is not sure what to do. And then she meets Evie, the ghost of the woman who once lived in the duplex where Lainey lives.

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